Califia’s Lung

Introducing a revolutionary new Lung Simulator

Product Description: 

Califia’s Lung simulator system is designed to simulate a patient’s lungs. It can be used as a standalone simulation device to simulate challenging ventilator dependent patients or used in conjunction with Califia itself to provide complete ECMO or VAD simulations.

Califia’s Lung can breathe spontaneously on its own with the ability to change compliance and resistance of the lungs. Patient parameters can be adjusted via scenario or on the fly while the simulation is running..

Califia’s Lung. Is connected to an ICU monitor that provides a wide range of monitoring options.


Califia’s Lung – Special Characteristics:

  • Califia’s Lung is a fully programmable simulator allowing timing of steps for events, and changes in patient parameters.
  • Interactive patient responses based on Physiological modeling
  • Provides large selection of patient monitors and analyzers for display including dynamic NIRS, .as well as blood gases sampled from several sites.
  • Removable bellows allow for a large range of patient sizes that can be simulated.
  • Includes the ability to provide a precisely controllable ventilator leak.
  • Upgradable to include exhaled CO2
  • Heated bellow to minimize condensation.
  • Capable of coughing.
  • Califia’s Lung carries a CE mark
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