Califia is certified by the ABCP to provide the practicing perfusionist with high-fidelity CPB/ECMO simulations.

Califia Patient Simulator

Califia is a realistic, high fidelity bypass simulator system

Califia is a unique hardware and software medical simulation solution designed to simulate a patient before, during and after cardiopulmonary bypass for open heart surgery or Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) therapy.

Califia Lung Simulator

Introducing a revolutionary new Lung Simulator

Califia’s Lung simulator system is designed to simulate a patient’s lungs. It can be used as a standalone simulation device to simulate challenging ventilator dependent patients or used in conjunction with Califia itself to provide complete ECMO or VAD simulations.

Beating Heart

Special Characteristics

15 types of heart conditions can be simulated​, Heart can be stopped, Sutured, Heart can be started again, “Patient” Monitored throughout procedure​, Connects directly to the Califia Patient Simulator, Single cable connection, Power and communication link, Functional support​, Animal or plastic/rubber-like tissue can be used.