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What We Do and How are we unique?

The family of Califia products supports simulation scenarios focused within the OR or ICU. Principally, this involves therapies related to ECMO/ECLS and Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Our systems are powered by algorithms defining patient physiology, material transfer and physical interactions.. The ability to attach and utilize actual devices such as blood pumps, heart lung machines, ventilators etc. provides a unique tool for teaching and testing skills required in an ever more complex and equipment-centric environment…

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The Califia Simulator can be described in one word, innovative. This realistic high-fidelity patient simulator is a unique hardware and software solution. The software algorithms present a patient that directly responds to any learner actions. It is also designed to attach directly to any life support device such as a heart-lung machine, ECMO pump or ventricle assist device.

Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: ECMO Simulation

Dr. Swol ‘s Chapter on Surgical Considerations: ECLS Simulation in Surgery shows a schematic of the Califia Perfusion/ECMO Simulator. She says that because Califia has a physiological algorithm, patient scenarios can be created that represent past and current patient courses and therapies.

– Swol J. Surgical Considerations: ECLS Simulation in Surgery. In: Johnston L, Su L, editors. Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: ECMO Simulation A Theoretical and Practical Guide. 1st ed. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature Switzerland; 2021. p.225-32. Read more

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) lists seventeen accredited perfusion education programs

88% of Accredited Perfusion Education Programs use Califia Perfusion/ECMO simulators to teach students basic perfusionist skills prior to clinical rotations, where they will have direct contact with patients. Because of Califia Perfusion/ECMO Simulator high-fidelity, they are employed later in the perfusion students’ education to create practice situations for complex high risk / low frequency emergencies or procedures.  Read More

Who uses our Califia simulator?

Our patient simulators are employed at university and community hospitals for training, research, and to identify latent safety threats.  Some customers use our simulator for sentinel event reenactments.  Globally, healthcare device manufacturers use Califia for product development and customer training.  Customer feedback helps us to continually improve Califia software.