Our Mission is to Bring Life to Simulation

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Who is Biomed Simulation?

“At Biomed Simulation, we believe everyone has an inherent right to the highest quality patient care, free from preventable harm and unnecessary risk. We also believe that enhanced training through patient-free simulation empowers clinicians to a higher level of competence in the care that they provide. Our team shares the deep conviction that our endeavors can significantly improve every patient encounter and every patient experience. We are driven not only to set new standards in clinical excellence and optimal care outcomes but also to help health care providers deliver the level of care deserving of their own loved ones”



What We Do and How are we unique?

Our family of Califia products support simulation experiences involving ECMO/ECLS and Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Our products are software heavy and are based on patient physiology. This means that once the operator programs the patient physiology or pathophysiology into the Califia Simulator the learner’s actions immediately and without operator intervention determines how the patient’s lab values and hemodynamics. Operate the simulation by attaching your extracorporeal circuit to the patient module or use an internal virtual ECMO or cardiopulmonary bypass circuit.

Biomed Simulation, Inc is one of eleven high-fidelity perfusion simulation centers recognized by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

High-fidelity Perfusion Simulation was added as a Secondary Clinical Perfusion Activity (SCPA) in 2014. Biomed Simulation, Inc. is the only ABCP recognized simulation center that can bring high fidelity simulation to your hospital and provide you and your team with SCPA credit.

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Our Vision is that clinicians will train in an environment that is indistinguishable from real-life

To build a collaborative platform that facilitates interactions between clinicians, industry, and educators so that new technologies and capabilities can be developed faster, trained more consistently, and available to all stakeholders in person or via VR/AR.

Our Vision is that clinicians will train in an environment that is indistinguishable from real-life