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Who is Biomed Simulation?

Our Mission is to Bring Life to Simulation

Biomed Simulation’s (BMS) mission is improving clinician performance through patient-free simulation.

Standard of Care Improvement through training and increased proficiency of Perfusionists working in acute clinical care and Operating Room environments represents a significant decrease in cost and liability risk reduction for Health Services Providers.

BMS’s simulation platform addresses these key needs for providers. Our initial products include simulation modules for the operation of the Heart Lung Machine – Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) and the Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine used in long-term cardiopulmonary support.

BMS’ platform roadmap includes other simulators, data analytics interfaces and guideline-based test patient scenarios to continually improve clinician performance and address Healthcare providers concerns.


What We Do and How are we unique?

Our family of Califia products support simulation experiences involving ECMO/ECLS and Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Our products are software heavy and are based on patient physiology. This means that once the operator programs the patient physiology or pathophysiology into the Califia Simulator the learner’s actions immediately and without operator intervention determines how the patient’s lab values and hemodynamics. Operate the simulation by attaching your extracorporeal circuit to the patient module or use an internal virtual ECMO or cardiopulmonary bypass circuit.

Califia is certified by the ABCP to provide the practicing perfusionist with high-fidelity CPB/ECMO simulations.


Our Vision is that clinicians will train in an environment that is indistinguishable from real-life

Biomed Simulation was founded to establish a new standard for training perfusionists and critical care specialists. As we interact with satisified users we become aware of greater challenges in the training of these specialists. We will continue to move forward in providing the most advanced tools for training and evaluating performance of these clinicians, thus establish us as the leader in simulation training.

We believe we will be recognized as the leader in perfusion and critical care training leading to the best possible standards of care and patient outcomes.


Richard Tallman, JR. PH.D.

Richard Tallman, JR. PH.D.


Richard Tallman Jr. Ph.D. founded Biomed Simulation Inc. in 2011 after over 28 years of teaching perfusion science, conducting research in cardiovascular physiology and consulting for manufacturers in the field.
Jorge Noguera

Jorge Noguera


Jorge has been with Biomed Simulation since 2013.  As a lead engineer, his focus is on engineering new technologies.  More often than not, it involves a lot of software development; also working as a key member of a team that includes hardware designers and contract manufacturers towards introducing new simulation hardware or improving existing products.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in EE from University of Manitoba and has served in systems engineering as well as technical sales and mid-level management positions.

Robin Sutton

Robin Sutton


Robin joined the Biomed Simulation in 2014, she is an expert in perfusion education and high fidelity simulation, is the Director of Training and Education at Biomed Simulation, Inc. Prior to joining Biomed Simulation, Inc. Robin spent 28 years as a clinical perfusionist and instructor at the Medical University of South Carolina, University of Iowa and Rush University.
Bill Musgrave

Bill Musgrave


Bill has been the CEO of The Enterprise Network (TEN) of Silicon Valley, an incubator for startups, and also served as executive director of the NASA Ames Technology Commercialization Center in assisting entrepreneurs in commercializing NASA research.  Previously, Bill was a decorated Captain in the U.S. Navy Supply Corps. He is also a lecturer at San Jose State University where he teaches international business. 

Hans Seiler

Hans Seiler


Hans has been a perfusionist for 31 years, and an independent perfusionist for 17 years. He has provided training and education programs for multiple leading medical companies and institutions in about 120 countries.  He has been instrumental in providing simulation training and courses for the last 10 years.  He has also been involved in product development and marketing for Biomed Simulation.