On June 9th Biomed Simulation Califia simulator was part of the Medical ECMO Program showcase during the dedication ceremony of the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center. The Biomed simulator at the Medical ECMO program demonstrated the high-fidelity simulation experience that will be available to clinicians at this state-of-the-art simulation center and serve as one of the Center’s premier programs. Attendees were impressed by the interactive experience, realistic simulation environment, and the ECMO simulator’s seamless interaction with other life-support technology. ECMO education and training at the Mary and Michael Jaharis Simulation Center will further improve the high-quality care that ECMO patients receive at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. The center is expected to officially open this summer.

More about the Center:
The Mary and Michael Jaharis Simulation Center in the new Roy and Diana Vagelos Center building, established by Columbia University Medical Center, in partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. For more information about the Center, please visit http://educationbldg.cumc.columbia.edu

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